Humidifying Shuttlecock

Humidify your shuttlecock before using them
you will $ave a lot of money!!

To extend the life of badminton shuttlecocks, it is very important to keep the feathers of these shuttlecocks from getting too dry or brittle, especially in the United States. Listed here are few methods that might be able to help prolong the life of any feather shuttlecocks.

The first important step is to make sure that the shuttlecocks are stored at or below room tempreature. Keep shuttlecocks away from heat or direct sun light such as heater and the car dashboard. One good practice that I learned from my brother is too keep them in the bathroom where moistures from showers or bath will help humidify the shuttlecock feathers.

The second step is to prepare the shuttlecocks 1 to 2 days before playing. This preparation is very important in extending the life and durability of your shuttlecocks. Here are some suggestions that I compiled from my friends, badminton stores, and other badminton players.

  1. Steaming Method
  2. Wet Tissue/Sponge Method
  3. Rinse & Dip Method