Steaming Method

Steaming / Humidifying is one of the fastest and effective way of preparing shuttlecock for tournament. It’s recommended that this process is performed 2-3 days before being used and stored in a cool and humid area. There are multiple ways to create the steam needed for humidifying the shuttlecock. One way is to boil a water and use the steam. A much better approach is to purchase a humidification system that produce warm/cool steam.

Shuttlecock Steaming Step #1 Shuttlecock Steaming Step #2
Steam Step 2 – Steam Step 3 –

6 Steps of Steaming / Humidifying

  1. Remove both ends of the shuttlecock tube’s caps.
  2. Place each tube over the humidifier exhaust or a pan full of steaming water so that the steam can pass through from one end, the entrance, of the tube to the other end, the exit.
  3. When the steam comes out of the exit end of the tube, wait for 2 seconds and turn the ends around.
  4. Repeat from steps 2 with the change.
  5. Caps both ends of the shuttlecock tube to keep the moisture inside the tube.
  6. Store the tube in a cool and humid room, e.g. your bathroom / shower. Never store or leave shuttlecocks in your car during dry Hot OR Cold weather!